August 2016 Net Worth

chalkAugust is in the books and it’s time for our monthly Net Worth update!  It’s time to see just how close we have come to the $140,000 goal we have set for ourselves.  The Net Worth is an important metric to the TOL’s, as it is a measurement of our assets, reduced by the debts we owe on those assets.  We believe that as the bottom-line number grows, we get closer and closer to Financial Independence.

During August we saw the summer come to a close as we ushered in a new school year.  We were excited as our youngest started his journey as he began Pre-K!  As far as Net Worth, we think we did very well contributing to out bottom line.  August was the second month of my (Mr. TOL’s) 4% raise on the job, so let’s see how well we put those funds to work and how well the markets were to our assets.

Here are the numbers for August: more “August 2016 Net Worth”

August 2016 Dividend Update

dividends 2The Passive Income Report is the TOL’s favorite post.  Our definition of Passive Income is any income received in the form of dividends, interest income and rental income.  We consider it a true blessing to plant seeds as we go through life and reap the plentiful harvest, all without putting forth any additional effort.  Passive Income is the key to financial independence and breaking the chains of a traditional job.  Passive income, along with smart investing and eliminating wasteful spending, is how we will “Trade Our Life” from a grueling work schedule to that of true independence.

We are looking for August to be a rebound from last month’s dismal July report.  The first months of each quarter, for most DGI investors, are the lowest paying months; however, there is usually a great rebound in the 2nd and 3rd months.  With that said, let’s see how we faired!

Below are the numbers of our passive income for the month of August: more “August 2016 Dividend Update”

UTX/O (Sell/Buy)

Buy Hold And Sell Signpost Represents Stocks Strategy

When there are limited funds with which to invest into our New Life Portfolio on a regular basis, I sometimes have to improvise.  This is the main motivating factor behind the “sell/buy” strategy I employ, where I sell an overvalued position and at the same time, with the newly acquired proceeds, purchase a new position.  A new position is acquired immediately as I prefer to not have the cash sitting uninvested.  The purpose is two-fold:

  1. It assists in building the portfolio cost basis (though not the portfolio value). This effectively allows me to lock in and reinvest capital gains.
  2. It increases/solidifies my dividend income stream. When I execute this strategy, the end result should be either an increase in the Projected Annual Dividend Income or a safer dividend as I trade riskier income stream for a safer stream.


On August 23, 2016 I sold more “UTX/O (Sell/Buy)”

July 2016 Net Worth

hot money

Hello all, it’s the TOL’s bringing our Net Worth update for the month of July 2016.  July was a fairly quiet month on the home front.  Down here in South Carolina, we suffered through a serious heatwave, with temperatures surpassing 100 degrees!  But then again, that just summer in the South.

While the sun was blazing, the TOL’s were blazing also in July, as we continue to build on our momentum to financial independence.

Here are the numbers for July: more “July 2016 Net Worth”