Milestone Achievement # 7


The TOL’s really love crossing these achievements off of our Milestones list.  As we strike through each goal achieved, it moves us closer and closer to our final goal of Financial Independence.

We’ve paid off a $5,000 credit card bill in a single month, saw our New Life Portfolio cross the $5,000 mark in both value and basis, and we even crossed the $100,000 net worth mark!  That’s just a few of the achievements we’ve accomplished on this journey.  And now we are proud to announce Milestone Achievement #7!


With the most recent stock purchase of T. Row Price on March 7, 2016, we now own over 100 total shares of various companies within our portfolio!


This achievement is very special to us, as it shows strong portfolio growth.  As you may know, the portfolio began with the purchase of a single share of ExxonMobil back in February 2015.  And we have been on a tear ever since then.

This milestone, at face value, would seem easy to achieve – we could have purchased 1,000 shares of penny stocks and blown this milestone away.  However, we are proud that we have accumulated 100 shares of top quality, blue-chip payers and Dividend Aristocrats.  Also, with us being small players in this DGI game, and investing smaller amounts at a time, we knew it would take a little longer to reach 100 shares, but you know what they say, “Better late than never”!

We plan on accumulating 100 shares of individual companies in the future so that we can sell Call Options.  Selling options is part of our investing strategy that will be discussed in a future post.  The Portfolio is performing great, we are able to cover some of our living expenses with dividend income, and with the recent market rally currently going on in March the portfolio’s overall value has exceeded our cost basis!

Stay tuned, as we may be closing in on another achievement real soon.  We are moving forward full steam ahead!


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