Milestone Achievement #13

facebook-followThe TOL’s are glad to announce we can scratch another milestone off of our “To-Do” list we call our Milestone Achievements.  Though this achievement doesn’t directly put us forward on our path to Financial Independence, it was still fun achieving it, nonetheless.

On September 25, 2016, we amassed 100 followers on Facebook!

The path to reaching this achievement has been truly exciting and fun.  We have had the pleasure of interacting with so many people who are on the same journey as we are.  There are some who have achieved what we are in pursuit of and some who are like us – just starting out on their journey.  We have even interacted with stock market pros with $1,000,000+ portfolios!

The interactions have taught us so much and inspired us to continue on our journey.  Through Facebook, we have been able to connect with other blogging sites that blog on a wide variety of entertaining topics and ventures.  We’ve even come across a great cooking blog site with really cool recipes!

The TOL’s just want to say thank you to the people who have hit that “Like” button on our page.  Thank you for the encouraging words, motivation and the feedback. We really love growing our followers and obtaining likes organically. It’s our mission to help, connect, and give hope to  those out there seeking financial independence and early retirement.  We will see you all soon at 500!

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