Milestone Achievement #10


The TOL’s have reached yet another Milestone on our journey to Financial Independence.

As of July 13, 2016, the TOL’s now have 500+ Twitter followers!

This milestone is a bit different than most of the other milestones that we have set, as it does not cover a financial target.  However, that still does not diminish its importance to us.  Twitter is important to our journey as it, along with other social media platforms, allows us to follow and engage with other FIRE bloggers who are on a similar journey or have already reached their ultimate goal of Financial Independence.  It is through these interactions that we have learned about frugal living, investing, saving, financial hacks and so much more.

Twitter is where I get links to the sites of other fellow bloggers, as they reveal insight into their Net Worth, passive income streams and all types of financial information.  I’ve also come across links to new sites where the blogger hasn’t even put up the first post!

I must admit, before we started this FI journey, the TOL’s had never used Twitter before.  To be honest, I never really understood the appeal of “tweeting”, or in my view, just typing random thoughts or whatever you feel at the moment.  I do see that it has its purpose and is another valuable tool for online social interactions and discovering new blog sites.  I even “tweet” out relevant news articles!

So come follow us @tradeourlife1 and join in on the fun!

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