pay-offRecently, I wrote about the reasons I decided to sell 3/4 of the New Life Portfolio.  To put it plainly, I decided to liquidate stocks and realize the associated Capital Gains in order to completely pay off one of our cars.

Our only remaining debts, besides our mortgage, are two car loans.  This decision to liquidate assets and pay a car off was spurred by the most recent car payment.  After making the payment and seeing the principal/interest breakdown of the payment, we realized the interest we paid was more than the dividend income we received for that month.  Keep in mind some of that income is taxable, while none of the interest paid was tax-deductible.

On September 28, we made a final payment of more “MILESTONE ACHIEVEMENT #14 & #15”

September 2016 Dividend Update

dividends-5The Passive Income Report is the TOL’s favorite post.  Our definition of Passive Income is any income received in the form of dividends, interest income and rental income.  We consider it a true blessing to plant seeds as we go through life and reap the plentiful harvest, all without putting forth any additional effort.  Passive Income is the key to financial independence and breaking the chains of a traditional job.  Passive income, along with smart investing and eliminating wasteful spending, is how we will “Trade Our Life” from a grueling work schedule to that of true independence.

Sad to say but September brings about the end of summer, which is our favorite time of the year.  The beach weather will be leaving, ushering in the cooler weather of Fall.  If there is one thing we love about passive income, it’s that it comes in no matter what the weather or the season is!

Let’s see how we did! more “September 2016 Dividend Update”

Why I Sold 3/4 Of My Portfolio


When it comes to achieving Financial Independence, there are often two overlooked and hidden roadblocks that fly under most financial radars.  When left unattended and unnoticed they create  setbacks, setbacks that are rarely felt, but are there working against the progress you are trying to make.  I have knowing dealt with this for quite some time and I came to a crucial point where I decided to deal with it head on.

The two setbacks in the TOL home are… more “Why I Sold 3/4 Of My Portfolio”