April 2016 Net Worth

Up and Down business graph with running man stock vectorThis is our Net Worth update.  This is where we lay it all out for the world to see.  It’s where all our income, expenses, assets and debts come together.  We have been doing really well as we push towards our 2016 goal of $140,000 net worth.  Even on one income, we believe we can still reach our goal and will continue to pursue it!  We will continue to live financially smart, reducing wasteful spending, eliminating debt and investing in top-notch, blue chip companies that pay reliable dividends.

Here are the numbers for April:

April Net Worth

For the month of April, our Net Worth increased $419.58 (0.37%) to $113,210.75.  This is the smallest increase to date since we’ve been tracking our Net Worth.  Though a part of me is disappointed, I have to look for the positive and say that at least we didn’t lose any net worth.  Let’s break the numbers down a bit and see what happened in April.


Debt reduction for April was mediocre by TOL standards.   Total debt eliminated for April totaled $1,005, as we eliminated $170 off of our mortgage and $835 from our car loan.  Elimination of our car loan debt included an extra $300 payment on the principal.  All in all, whenever you can pay off debt instead of adding to it, you’re moving in the right direction.  We hope to knock out a little more debt in May than we did in April.  We will see how that turns out next month.


CASH:  We saw a decent $390 (4.2%) boost to our cash balances, as we moved from $9,405 to $9,795.  I’ve always stated that I prefer cash flow over cash; however, we are a one-income family, and the cushion gives us a bit of comfort for unknown expenses.  There is no single event to point to as the reason for the increase, and when the dust settles, and our cash and portfolio is up, then we must have done something right!  Who knows, we may hit $10,000 in cash in May!  It’s not really a goal of our, but it’s such a nice, round number!

PORTFOLIO:  The value of our New Life Portfolio grew $540.75 (7.5%), from $7,171.51 to 7,712.26 in AprilThe majority of this growth was purchases made in a newly opened Loyal3 account, where we purchased shares of STARBUCKS and L BRANDS.  We went into a little more detail about our decision to trade on the Loyal3 platform in our latest Passive Income report for April.  I was excited to finally get my hands on Starbucks stock, as I think it is a tremendous growth prospect, and Mrs. TOL loves the coffee!  We expect more portfolio growth, at least from new purchases, as we will continue to put capital to work.

RETIREMENT:  Our retirement accounts saw a small increase of 0.7%.  Nothing much to this, just the market at work.  When it’s up we’re up, and when it’s down, you guessed it, we’re down right along with itWe contribute to our retirement accounts sparingly, and any increases/decreases will be due to overall market fluctuations.


  • Our vehicles saw a pretty big decline in value, losing 3% of their values. Those long commutes to work are starting to take its toll on one of our cars, as I travel more than 80 miles one way to work.  This is the biggest decline since we started tracking our Net Worth.
  • Our home value continues to realize slight declines, losing 7% of its value. In dollars, the value of our home declined $797.  It has had a nice run-up in 2016, and has nonetheless gained over $5,000 in value for the year.
  • Paid vacation leave took a minimal decline of 0.6% due to taking my birthday off. Working on your born-day in a “NO NO” where I’m from!

The combined $1,950 decline in our home and car values is the biggest decline we’ve seen since we began tracking them.  This was the biggest part of our meager net worth increase.  Our home increased over $20,000 in value during the first two months of 2016.  We will continue to push to increase other areas of assets.  As it stands right now, our home almost equals our net worth and accounts for half of our total assets.  The goal is to bring these ratios come down in the future by increasing our New Life Portfolio, cash positions and retirement accounts.

Overall, our increase in net worth was very minimal, compared to prior months.  However, it was still a move in the right direction, considering significant declines in our home and vehicles.  Our cash accounts will be tested in May as we have Mother’s Day, graduations, and our 4 year old will begin his journey to becoming a professional multi-million dollar athlete as he starts T-Ball!  Let’s hope this one income family can still manage to squeeze out some gains in our Net Worth next month!

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