question markThe whole Brexit fiasco is becoming a distant memory as the market has more than recovered its losses over the past few weeks.  As a matter of fact is has recovered so well that the DOW and S&P 500 have both reached record highs.  It is becoming increasing difficult to find fair-valued stocks the past few days, as the DOW has now surged well over the 18,000 mark.  This is where an investor has to really dig into individual companies to search for stocks that appear to be undervalued or pulling back for some reason.

This is exactly what I did and I found a great opportunity. more “HCP/OHI (SELL/BUY)”

June 2016 Net Worth

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The first half of the year has whizzed by as we have wrapped up the month of June.  The month of June saw Mrs. TOL and I celebrate our 1st year of marital bliss!  I look forward to a lifetime of joy with her.  She, along with our family, are my biggest motivating factors and the reason why I rise and shine early in the mornings.

For this post I will do the usual comparison of the month in review to the previous month.  In addition to this I will also compare our financial numbers at June 30, 2016 to the financial numbers at December 30, 2015.

Here are the numbers for June: more “June 2016 Net Worth”

June 2016 Dividend Update

Money_wedding-481x660With the passing of June, we have completed the first half of 2016.  June is a very special month for the TOL’s as it marks 1-year wedding anniversary!  That’s right, one year of wedded bliss!  What made this even more special was this month’s cash flow from passive income.  This month saw us hit our first passive income milestone, as we crossed the $50.00 mark in actual passive income received in one month.  I am still amazed at the progress we have made in a little over a year, especially since we became a one-income household and we will continue to push harder and harder towards financial independence.

Passive Income is the name of the game.  Passive Income is what will fund our retirement.  Passive Income is what will allow us to break the chains of a 9-to-5 job.  And here is our Passive Income for the month of June: more “June 2016 Dividend Update”