Recent Buy- (CVS)

cvs 2I get pumped whenever I have the opportunity to write posts about recent buys.  After all, it would take forever and a day for one’s portfolio to grow if you aren’t injecting and investing new funds.  Every purchase brings us that closer to achieving financial independence.

I have ventured out onto a new project.  I have taken over Mrs. TOL’s Roth IRA.  Originally, the account, sitting a shade below $1,500, was invested in Schwab’s Target 2045 Fund (SWMRX), which was not performing all that great.  I decided to dump the fund and purchase individual stocks.  I pondered making two purchases of two different companies, but the commission fees are more that I prefer.  Therefore, I made a single purchase with the newly available proceeds.

On June 3, 2016, I purchased more “Recent Buy- (CVS)”

May 2016 Dividend Update


We have come to the end of May 2016, and we are almost half-way through the year.  It has been a beautiful journey for the TOL’s as we embark on our path to Financial Independence.  We celebrated our mother’s on their special day and saw a few loved ones graduate.  Only two more years before our own will be graduating high school and heading out into the world.  My, how time flies!

It is now time for our favorite subject – PASSIVE INCOME.  This is the time to tally up how much money our money made and how much we earned without doing anything to earn it.  It’s about planting a single seed into the ground and watching it yield fruit every season.  It’s a way to TRADE OUR hectic work LIFE for a much simpler one.

Here are the numbers of our passive income for the month of May: more “May 2016 Dividend Update”