March 2016 Net Worth

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Well, the first quarter of 2016 is in the books and what a wild market ride it was.  The first half of the quarter saw a market bloodbath with lows not seen in several years, while the second half saw celebrations and cheers.  I have to be honest, as a Dividend Growth Investor with a growing portfolio still in the accumulation phase, I like those down days when it’s red everywhere.  It’s like going to my favorite retail store outlet and every item on the shelf is marked down 20 to 30%!

This is our Net Worth update!  This is where we lay it all out for the world to see.  It’s where all our income, expenses, assets and debts come together.  We have been doing really well as we push towards our 2016 goal, even with Mrs. TOL leaving the workforce.  Even on one income, we believe we can still reach our goal and will continue to pursue it!  We will continue to live financially smart, reducing wasteful spending, eliminating debt and investing in top-notch, blue chip companies that pay reliable dividends.  Living with these habits will only continue to do wonders towards our goal of financial independence.  Here are the numbers for March: more “March 2016 Net Worth”

March 2016 Dividend Update


Time really does fly when you’re having fun!

March has come to a close, and with it, the first quarter of 2016 is in the books.  Time waits for no one, and once a day has passed, it is gone forever.  My hope is that we all make the most of our time and make sure each moment is positive and we all press forward in the right direction.

It is now time for our favorite subject – PASSIVE INCOME!!!  This is the time to tally up how much money my money made, how much I earned without doing anything to earn it.  It’s about planting a single seed into the ground and watching it yield fruit every season.  It’s a way to TRADE OUR hectic work LIFE for a much simpler one.

Here are the numbers of our passive income for the month of March: more “March 2016 Dividend Update”