Milestone #6 New Life Event


This is a pretty special post as it embodies us not only hitting our 6th milestone with this being our 25th blog post…yay!… but also details a significant New Life Event for the TOL family.

The purpose of starting this blog and the reason we believe others are following is because of our goal to Trade…Our…Life.  It was never meant to be just a cute or catchy tag line but a statement of fact of what the TOL family has set out to do. It is our core mission.

As mentioned in our about us page we decided awhile back that the freedom of our time and the luxury to spend it in our own way was worth much more than the ability to buy nicer cars, an expensive house, trendy wardrobes , dinner at high-end restaurants, or extravagant trips. What we loved was each other, our family, and the flexibility to live in the true calling and purpose for our lives. This can be quite difficult to do when 10+ hrs. of our day are consumed by work and long commutes.

Recently I, Mrs. TOL, took a giant step in the direction of what was most important to us. After much discussion, thought and prayer, we decided the best decision for our family at this time was for me to trade my life from a 10+ hr a day career woman to that of a stay-at-home mom.

I know…I can hear the gasping now!

We’ve had reactions on both sides of the fence from family, friends, and acquaintances regarding our decision and lots of questions too, such as …. Are you crazy? … How could you leave your Job? … Is that what you really want to do? … and the question I’ve gotten asked the most is…What are you going to do all day? While I’ve only been at this “stay at home mom” thing for a few weeks trust me there is plenty to do!

In addition, we are sure the question on most of the readers minds are have you given up on your FI dreams? Let us be clear … NOTHING has changed about the TOL’s plans to achieve and live a life of financial independence. We look at this change as a benefit to our family but not a derailment of our dreams or goals for FI.  While the challenge to achieve FI may be slightly bigger it is one we are still so up for!

We know that FI and 30 years of work do not have to go hand in hand, as evidenced by so many others out there. Just look at Go Curry Cracker, Mr. Money Mustache, Retire By 40, etc. People often stay at jobs for 30 + years due to overspending and fear. Well the TOL’s are not afraid and the overspending just isn’t worth it to us. We do not want to live a life not truly lived.

I remember distinctly about a year ago sitting in a hotel room, away on another business trip for my job, crying thinking to myself I’m so tired of just existing, I’m ready to start living. I knew that there had to be more to life than this.  After working day in and day out with no passion for what I was doing, lacking family physical connection, watching our grandparents and daycare raise our children, and watching the days and weeks go by just to get a paycheck to give me some sense of why I was still there, Mr. TOL and I finally had enough.

I’m over the moon excited to finally be able to spend quality time with the TOL children, Mr. TOL, and the new found flexibility to devoted more time into the things our family and myself are truly passionate about.  I have a firm belief that these passions will also eventually generate “stay at home” income that can contribute to reaching Financial Independence.

Stick with us as nothing has changed but Mrs. TOL’s job description and title.  We will continue to invest in our New Life Portfolio, annihilate debt, and enjoy a fun and frugal life style all while keeping you updated along the way.  Stay tuned!


Recent Purchase – TROW


Every since we paid off our high-interest debts, we have been on a roll building our New Life Portfolio and increasing our passive income.  On March 7, we continued that momentum.  Every purchase we make gets us closer and closer to financial independence, and closer to that peaceful life we envision everyday.

On March 7, 2016, we purchased 11 shares of T. Rowe Price (TROW) for $72.41 per share, plus a $4.95 commission, total purchase price of $801.46.  In addition to the stock purchase, we also opened up a $500 CD.

The market was up for the 5th day in a row on as stocks more “Recent Purchase – TROW”

February 2016 Net Worth


Well, we have completed the second month of 2016, and it’s time for the TOL’s favorite post…the Net Worth update!  This is the time where you get to see how much work we have (or haven’t) put in and how nice the markets were (or weren’t) to our bottom line numbers.

For those of you who have been following, you know that January already ended with a bang for the TOL’s as our Net Worth climbed over 10%.  With such a huge jump, we really didn’t know if we could duplicate the same success going forward. However, in the month of February we were shocked to find more “February 2016 Net Worth”

February 2016 Dividend Update


February has come to a close, and in the blink of an eye we are two full months into 2016.  With the end of every month comes our favorite subject – DIVIDEND INCOME !!!  Dividend income is the culmination of all the saving, investing, cost-cutting and frugal living that we go through, and it is so worth it.  It’s about your money making more money.  It’s about getting paid and not going to work to earn it.  It’s about planting a single seed into the ground and watching it yield fruit every season.  It’s a way to TRADE OUR hectic work LIFE for a much simpler one.

February dividends were pretty impressive, more “February 2016 Dividend Update”