Recent Buy – UTX


This market sell-off has been giving investors some really good entry points to initiate positions or add to existing holdings.  But on the other hand, it could possibly be signaling a large-scale global economic slowdown, with Japan introducing “negative interest rates”, a term I had never heard of before!

This is the time when money is made if one has the guts to buy into a market decline.  The difficulty in doing so is one never knows where the bottom is.  The way this market is acting in 2016, you think you have a good deal, you buy, and the next day the market tanks another 2%!  Well I dove in and made a recent purchase.  more “Recent Buy – UTX”

January 2016 Dividend Update

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While the market has been on a roller-coaster of a ride in 2016, there is one thing that was steady and reliable – that good ol’ dividend!  The dividend is why we invest in the market.  If the TOL’s were in it to try to beat the market and daytrade our way to wealth, there would be no sleep to be had at night.  Regardless of what the market does, we can always rely on the dividend of quality, reliable companies to pay us, on time, all the time.

This is January’s report of our passive income that our investments returned to us. more “January 2016 Dividend Update”

January 2016 Net Worth


Well, we have completed the first month of 2016, and it’s time for the TOL’s favorite post…the Net Worth update!  This is the time where you get to see how much work we have (or haven’t) put in and how nice the markets were (or weren’t) to our bottom line numbers.  No lie, we were nervous about what the final number would be, even though we finished out 2015 with a great net worth gain.  Our thought was that the numbers would not be as good as we would like due to the volatility of the market.  A large percentage of our assets are tied to our retirement and brokerage accounts, and we all know what Mr. Market did during January!   Without further ado, here are the numbers… more “January 2016 Net Worth”