Our Recent Buy – MetLife

Met Life

Since the beginning of 2016, the market has been really “creating some value” when it comes to big name dividend payers. I use the term “creating some value” to describe what others may describe as pure terror as the stock market bleeds red.  On January 4, 2016, the first day of trading in the new year, the Dow Jones opened at $17,405.48 and on January 13, closed at $16,151.41, losing $1,254,07 off the DOW JONES industrial average, or 7.2%

For Dividend Growth Investor’s, down markets produce value in stocks, and an uptick in markets produces value in our portfolio values. On January 11, we saw a great opportunity to purchase a dividend-generating giant at a bargain of a deal. more “Our Recent Buy – MetLife”

December 2015 Net Worth

money christmas-tree9

The Christmas tree has been taken down to be stored away for the next 11 months. The glasses have clinked together as we brought in the New Year and now it’s that time.  It is the time where we see the effects of all the money spent, blown, saved, invested, earned and put away.  We get to see the effects of all the vacations and trips taken, debt paid off and unforeseen emergencies (stupid leaking pipes!) and the effects on our bottom line.  It is the time where we get to see our final Net Worth as of 12/31/2015.

Because we are new to the Financial Independence blogging community, our history doesn’t go back that far. This is actually the second month of tracking our collective net worth’s.  Though we don’t have a Year-Over-Year stat to compare to, we know we have greatly improved our finances.  We stayed away from creating any new debt.  The last debt of any kind we took on was a car loan in December of 2014.

With that said here are our numbers for December, compared to November: more “December 2015 Net Worth”

December 2015 Year End Update!

money growth

First off, Happy New Years to everyone out there! We hope everyone enjoyed their holiday, spent time with family, friends and loved ones and ate some really good food.  We know we sure did!  Since this is our end of the year post, we decided to combine the New Life Portfolio and Dividend Income updates into one post.


As mentioned in an earlier post, we began Dividend Growth Investing in February of 2015.  We were in the market during 2014, but without a real strategy, kinda fumbling around with different things.  It was in the beginning of 2015 that Mr. TOL cleared our account and started from scratch with the DGI (Dividend Growth Investing) approach.

So, without further ado, here are the numbers for December 2015: more “December 2015 Year End Update!”