7 Reasons We Sold Realty Income Corp-NYSE “O”


On January 26, 2016, at 10:45 in the morning, the TOL’s did something we usually do not do…sold shares of stock from our New Life Portfolio.  Now before you start yelling “BOO!!!” and throwing tomatoes at us, we had very good reasons to do so.  We are self-proclaimed “long-term” Dividend Growth Investors and, for the most part, do not have any plans to sell shares of the companies that we own.  With that said, sometimes a great opportunity will present itself and you have to jump on it.  Well that opportunity presented itself today and we made the move. more “7 Reasons We Sold Realty Income Corp-NYSE “O””



I recently purchased 2 shares of World Wrestling Entertainment (NYSE: WWE) for $16.43 a share + 4.95 commission, for a total of $37.81.

Now I know some of you, scratch that, ALL OF YOU are thinking…WHAT…THE…HELL?!?  REALLY?!?  There’s a very special reason why I made this purchase (hence the title of this post). Can you smell what Mr. TOL is cooking?…No?… Allow me to explain… more “SPECIAL STOCK PURCHASE – WWE”

Financial Independence Milestones

MilestonesWhen the TOL’s are at our respective places of employment, we are usually given tasks, projects, or assignments to complete by our supervisors or bosses. These tasks are usually given with a deadline to have the task completed.  We find that the best way to complete a given task is to break it up into sections and as you complete the individual sections, we mark them off as complete and move to the next section.  To us these are called “milestones”, and we cannot move on to the next “milestone” until the previous one is completed.  When they are all met and checked off, we are then able to turn in our assignment to our bosses fully completed.

This is how we have decided to approach our road to financial independence. We are not relying on just a wish and a dream, but a detailed list of milestones that we check off that will notate our progression towards FI.  We can also pull this list up and look at where we have come from and how far we have to go.  I believe this will motivate us to stay the course and never give up.  Each time we are able to cross a milestone off the list, we know that we are one step closer to the independence that we greatly desire.

We have broken our milestones down into individual areas of our finances, social media and blog activity. more “Financial Independence Milestones”